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Thursday, June 23, 2005

So Much for "Ownership"

Well, the corporate States of Amerikkka proceed apace with their plans to take every fucking thing that they can. According to a recent Supreme Court Decision, local jurisdictions can now take your property, even against your will, and allow private developers to build businesses to increase the amount of taxes flowing into the local gov't coffers. Now, never mind that it's bad enough that localities take a portion of your hard-earned money every stinking year. Now, they can take the property that you have invested in and give it to bigger investors.

In my old neighborhood, we had a game that was similar to this. We called it, "Big bank take little bank". Basically, the game goes like this. A buddy would challenge you to the game by walking up to you and saying, "big bank take little bank, nigga." Now, if you agreed to play the game, you pulled out all the money in your pockets and counted it up. If your buddy had more money than you, he took your money and vice versa. Now, I never played the game because, I was usually broke and couldn't afford to play.

The only difference between this latest travesty of a Supreme Court decision and our old game is that if a big developer or business comes up to you and says, "Big development take little development" then you have to play, whether or not you want to. You as a single home owner will lose everytime against the big corporations looking to put another Wally World or mall complex in your neighborhood.

Now, of course, there were the usual statements that "We won't see a push for small local governments to take private lands." and other verbiage, however you should know by now that whatever a government can do, it will do and do it badly and often. So, all you poor dumb fucking sheeple who think that all you have to do is pay your house off and you'll always have a place to live, you are now being sheared. You work your silly asses off for 30 years or better to have a mortgage burning party, only to have some bureaucrat tell you that you have to move. When will you stand up and say no more?

Pay attention! It ain't just the gentrified and run-down parts of local jurisdictions anymore that will be victimized by "eminent domain". They're gunning for you tract home living, suburbanite, WASP's. Have fun. Maybe you'll become 'da White Anarch...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Requiem for a Hero

On Monday, June 20th, a bright & shining star of the growing "Men's Rights" movement was gunned down by S.W.A.T. team members inside of a Federal Courthouse in Seattle. He was carrying was appeared to be a live grenade & when he refused to drop the grenade, he was shot twice and killed. After the bomb squad gave the okay (the grenade was an inert dummy) Mr. Perry Manley was found dead on the scene.

Now, of course, the local and national news agencies will put a spin on this and say that he was an embittered, wack job who was looking for a death by cop. His ex-wife, (a bitter bitch if I ever saw one) in an interview with KING 5 news, was completely dispassionate about the death of a man that she once fucked with abandon and had children with.

Now, we all know where 'da Black Anarch stands on this issue (see posting about marriage). However, I will not stand by & see this man's memory tarnished by lousy jerkoffs who didn't know what he was protesting. This man was protesting the fact that there is a system in this country where a non-custodial parent becomes the indentured servant of the custodial parent. This system is called "Child Support".

Mr. Perry Manley was protesting the idea that some third party has any rights to demand money to take care of his children. He went the lawsuit path and attempted to convince others by references to the "Constitution" and other legal documents. He met with no success at all. He tried non-violent protests such as flag burnings and picketing. Still nothing. So, what is left to a man who has tried to play the game by the rules, only to find out that no one will listen? I'll tell you what's left.

You walk into a courthouse with a dummy grenade, your will in your backpack & take your two bullets. Because, whether you get gunned down directly or you end up homeless while paying most of your income to your harpy bitch of an ex, you're just as dead. Only, maybe, someone will see your assassination and speak up. They will see you die and remember to live. Maybe, some black anarch will shout out to the entire world, "Fuck you! If I ain't allowed to see 'em, I ain't paying for 'em!" Mr. Perry Manley wasn't a wack job or a bitter nut case. He chose the last logical step for a rational, sane and passionate man to take.

So, if you are religious, say a prayer for Perry Manley. If you aren't then at least speak out on the subject of freedom for both genders, not just for women. Until having children is a choice for both men and women, until custody is shared equally with both men and women and until the fucking judges, lawyers and politicians stop telling us how to live our lives and conduct our relations, keep shouting out!

Perry Manley b:1953 - d:2005
You Are Not Forgotten

Thursday, February 10, 2005

We Are Not Humanity

I've been reading a lot lately. I go through spurts of reading where I'll read incessantly for a while then I'll read very little. One of the books that I've been reading is "Ishmael", by Daniel Quinn. I must say, when you find an author, who speaks the words that you wish you could have said, It is really an awesome experience.

Mr. Quinn's premise in "Ishmael" is that approximately ten thousand years ago, a certain group of people started to practice what he calls "totalitarian agriculture" and this idea, along with all the other concommitant ideas of this culture, has spread throughout the world and brought us all to the point of extinction. Now, with the exception of the idea of totalitarian agriculture, all his ideas aren't new or even interesting to most people. However, the most striking premise of his books is that there is a system for living that has worked for humans, since the first members of Homo appeared. This system is a tribal system, which he elaborates upon in his books.

Of course, there are very few peoples left that live in a tribal system. As a matter of fact, even those people that we continue to acknowledge as tribes, either are already infected with the totalitarian agriculture idea, or are living on the fringes of the most hostile places on earth. We call them savages and claim that they are the most primitive and (following our cultural ethos) have nothing of value to offer to us. We are so advanced that our a major meme within our culture is, "in order to adopt their ways, we would have to give up too much". We feel that we are the epitome of humanity. However, if you look at the truth, you'll see that we know that we are not. I don't mean know in the conscious sense; I mean that we know in our guts that we are wrong.

Every religion, philosophy, political system and social scientist tells us that what we have could work beautifully, if we were better in some way. Whether it's sharing more or being born again or starting a new program, every aspect of this system teaches us, through our cultural memes, that we are flawed and that, although the Gods made everything in the universe perfectly, somehow they messed up with us. However, the tribal system evolved through trial, error and success over millions of years of Homo. It works, whether or not people are acting greedy, selfish, mean or any other so-called "bad" behavior. When we eliminated the tribal diversity of human interaction on this planet, we made it possible for the problems inherent in our system of human culture, to destroy not just one small tribe in the Fertile Crescent, but to destroy most of humanity. As the Taoist would say, our culture carries within it the seeds for it's own destruction. These seeds have sprouted and now threaten to annihilate us.

But, Mr. Quinn also wanted to leave us with hope. You see, WE ARE NOT HUMANITY! It's true. Even though, through totalitarian agriculture (when we try to turn the entire biosphere into human food and then lock it away to prevent other humans from eating freely), elimination of our social diversity and the poisoning of the biosphere, we have brought ourselves to the brink of extinction, there is another way. There is another method of humanity that has served us in good stead for millions of years. We don't need to become "better" people of more "advanced" spiritually. We simply need to stop what we are doing and return to a way we know works. Don't get me wrong. We cannot become hunter/gatherers en masse again; nor should we have to give up our hard-earned technology. However, until we find a system that works better for us, as humans, just as we are, a new tribalism is imperative. After all, tribalism isn't perfect, but it works better than anything we have had so far.

Anyway, feel free to check out Mr. Quinn's books, "Ishmael", "My Ishmael", "The Story of B" and "Beyond Civilization". You'll definitely have fun reading his works and you may just begin to understand where we really fit, in the whole scheme of things.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jung's Shadow - Salvation from Within?

I have been reflecting about my shadow side. According to Jung, the Shadow is the archetype that is,

...the personification of that part of human, psychic possiblity that we deny in ourselves and project onto others. The goal of personality integration is to integrate the rejected, inferior side of our life into our total experience and to take responsibility for it.

I have had dreams that are very disturbing. I mean, not so much disturbing to me, but would be disturbing to those who share my life with me. I have had dreams of rape, betrayal, murder and other "anti-social" behaviors and fantasies. Yet, when I ponder upon these dreams, the lessons that I gain from them are of great benefit to me.

I believe that all that we know as creation, comes from an underlying matrix of probabilities. This matrix is a chaotic soup, independent of spacetime, that is pregnant with every possible thing or situation. Now, most of us are creatures of order. We demand order in spacetime. Things must have identity and time must be linear. However, in the Pregnant Chaos, one thing can be another thing; one time may be any time.

In my visions of the "Shadowscape", everything is possible, and every act is permitted. Nothing is denied me and all things are continually becoming new. In my honest opinion, Salvation (in the sense of being free from any constraints) lies there in the Shadow world. Even if I feel or desire to see the most horrible things or commit the most foul acts, by allowing myself to indulge in the fullest expression of the Shadow and by integrating those lessons within myself, I become a better person in the Material world. Think about this.

Some of the major problems in this Material world, come from a refusal to integrate every aspect of our personalities. We see Muslim saints, slaughtering thousands with suicide bombs, we see loving Christians supporting huge wars against "unbelievers" while giving vast amounts of aid to tsunami victims. This is truely insane. These people project their own shadows upon others and create enemies, hatreds and wars. If we learned a process by which we could turn to our respective Shadows and accede to the fact that our Shadow is us, just as much as any other part of our personality, we would gain a peace that surpasses all of our intellectual understanding.

Embrace your Shadow and you will see the light!

Friday, January 07, 2005

The Marriage Sham

I've been married once. She was a nice enough girl, until I said I do. Then she cheated on me with my brother and ran up a bunch of debts that I'm liable for. All in all, my marriage wasn't too extreme. All over the world, marriages end up just like mine. My former marriage was boringly average. I believe that the reason why is because marriage, as we know it, is wrong on so many levels.

In times past, having large families ensured that you could control more resources and lessen the load of huge amounts of labor, that was required to just survive. However, we now are in a post-industrial age and are pushing for sexual equality and a major division of labor. Birthrates in industrial nations have been dropping because there has been more people than jobs. So, the major underpinning for marriage, the need for large families, is no more. According to different statisticians, over half of marriages, these days, end up in divorce court. Meanwhile, the children, because of overzealous judges trying to ameliorate a perceived sexual inequality between men and women, end up giving the children to the woman and taking the man's resources to support a family that is no longer his. We adhere to ancient notions of consanguinuity and lineage that no longer are pertinent in a post-industrial society.

According to religious conservatives, marriage is between a man and a woman. I can understand their point of view. However, I don't accept that marriage must necessarily be between just a man and a woman or even between a single male and a single female. Marriage has, historically, been a contractual arrangement between interested parties. So, if a man wishes to be wed to another man, who has anything to say about that? You may disagree, but contractually, you have no recourse to alter their arrangement; as you are not a party to the agreement. Someone could claim that marriage doesn't just affect the two or more parties involved, but affects society. Society is a chimera; a mythical creature that doesn't exist. There are only individuals. Now, individuals can and probably should cleave to each other in groups, however, these groupings work better in the absence of coercion and when they are voluntary and flexible.

I accuse the marriage of today of being a sham. It is a sham in that it is unnecessarily coercive and futile. Many people would choose to be with more than one person, throughout their lives and should have the opportunity to do so. Marriage is a sham because of the false equality between the sexes. If men are required to support children that they cannot enjoy and support women that they aren't even fucking, then how can marriage be equal? Most importantly, marriage is a sham because of the blatant hypocrisy involved. Throughout the years, most so called committed partners either continually fantasize about or actually have outside sexual and emotional affairs. Yet, we pretend that the standard of one man and one woman is desirable and absolutely necessary.

Personally, I feel that marriage is a personal agreement between two or more persons and that no one, not directly involved in the situation, has any say or right over those people. I believe that if there are children, either the parents are truly equal in resources and ability to parent and share custody of the children, or they should live with the parent with the greatest ability and the most resources. Most of all, I loathe the idea of giving gays, polyamorists and other "alternative family" groups the ability to be licensed. Hell, I don't want the state to license heterosexual marriages. Get the state out of marriage, period.

So, let's end the marriage sham. Let people marry and divorce whoever they want. After all, we are already doing it anyway...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Washington State Elections, or Why Not Secede?

I live in Washington State. Recently, we had an election for Governor where there seems to have been some "irregularities" in the voting for this position. The Demopublican candidate, Christine Gregoire won a second, hand-counted, recount after the Republicrat candidate, Dino Rossi won two machine counts. Everybody's up at arms claiming that the process cannot be trusted and that they need to overhaul the system. Now, forget about the fact that the sheeple feel the need to give up their power to act to some tinpot, dictatorial yahoo. Let's also put aside that the "process" is flawed to begin with. I want to propose a solution that, I believe would solve the whole problem.

I say that the Republicrats, that voted for Rossi, install him as their governor and the Demopublicans can have Gregoire as their governor. The Big L libs can have their candidate as their governor and so on. Instead of a single legislature for every partisan, lets have separate legislatures for every party in the state. Whether Demopublican or Republicrat, Green or Socialist, each person in the state can choose what jurisdiction that they want to live under and obey. Now, of course, no one will do this because might makes right and the majority, by dint of controlling more possible guns, rules.

One day, this "republic", just as every other government has throughout history, will fall. One of the reasons it will break apart is that you cannot force disparate groups to stay together, forever. As soon as the different groups overcome their fear of possible death enough to rebel, they will. This is the natural way of all life. To seek to push the limits and to seek to be free to live. So, why not prevent a lot of bloodshed and mayhem? Let the different groups have their own chosen rulers (even us who would choose no rulers) and let the peace begin.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Does God Hate Fags Enough to Send A Tsunami?

I was listening to "Rev." Fred Phelps, of "God Hates Fags" fame on the Dori Monson show (710 KIRO - Washington St.). He basically stated that because of all the "fags" from Sweden, turning SE Asia into a den of sodomy and paedophilia, God sent the earthquake and subsequent tsunami to destroy them.

Now, nevermind that a bunch of innocents, who had NOTHING to do with the sex trade, died en masse from the tsunami and forget about the fact that the tsunami killed many victims of the sex trade. My major question is, why the hell are we so arrogant to think that God, in hir infinite power, gives the tiniest shit about something so petty as a tiny dustball, in a puny solar system, in a penny-ante assed spiral galaxy, such as ours?

Don't get me wrong. I'm very much the theist. However, as I believe that God is in all, of all and is all, a tsunami is no more a punishment, than a sunrise. As a matter of fact, mostly everything that sustains us, in excess, can kill us. Sunshine is essential for life, but too much can burn some of us and give us cancer. Food is a necessity, but eating too much causes heart attacks and can kill us. Water is such a major need that we die very quickly, in its absence. However, try drowning to see the results of too much water.

Some theists expect God to have control over everything, when She/He cannot even control them. If God will not control you and your behavior, then why should God control anything else? I believe that freedom is life and true life can only live freely. My experiences with nature show me that everything seeks to balance and everything needs freedom/liberty to balance. Everything that is controlled seeks to be freed and everything tends toward maximal change. So, I don't accept that it's God's will that these people died. I do accept that death is part of the process of living and that's good. May God receive the souls of our Asian bretheren unto hir bosom.

My First Post

So, I've started another damned 'blog. So, why is my blog different from the rest? Because, I am the author of it, of course! Some of what I say may be true and some of it may be lies. However, one thing that I promise is that you should get something to feed your mind, every time.